Google bring new technologies to the face in the Pixel 4

Revealed developers XDA in new leaks recently about new developments in update Android Q rule comes from a new technique for facial recognition offering from Google in the phone Pixel 4.Huawei-Mate-20-Pro-face-recognition

Started features of the first to develop the next update of the operating system landed in the spread on the internet thanks to the developers of XDA, where the deployment of new features which have been monitored recently in update Android Q.

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And new features disclosed in the update to Android Q come the facial recognition technology supported by your operating system in advance, which aims to support the phones in this technique, an important step is certainly to support the company and the developer phones landed faced difficulties to support possible versions of this technique including the Huawei Share.

It is expected to be supporting Google by default to provide facial recognition at the platform landed an important step for the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone to apply face recognition technology to the standards of the safer in the smart phones.

Unlike facial recognition technology 2D that provide now in smart phones which do not support the best standards of protection and unlock the phone, the new technology that appears in the Android Q is a complex technique differ from current technology in smart phones, as they work through sophisticated devices expected to be provided from Google in the Pixel 4.

It is planned that the technology has come face-scanning the three-dimensional Pixel 4 with support for custom software not in the Android Q along with the sensors needed for this technique in phone Pixel 4, so we expect more details about the technique of wiping the face the next offering from the search giant in the Pixel 4 and supported by the search giant in the Android Q.


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