Google bring a new feature to Hangouts Chat on Android only

Google announced that the Hangouts Chat own you will get a completely new feature which was supposed to be available since a long time; a feature to delete a record of the conversation. The Google that the update that includes this functionality is already available on Android, but not on other systems at the present time.

As I mentioned Google, the latest version of the Hangouts Chat will allows users to delete the record of the conversation in talks, 1:1 initiative, as the company confirmed that the deletion processes that would apply to talks of 1:1 between versions of the Hangouts the classic and Hangouts Chat in both directions.

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But it is necessary to know that this would be your only copy of the record of conversation, in the sense that the other party will still be able to see the conversation. As to the possibility of delete the record of a conversation 1:1 the messages of the initiative will be available on all platforms, not just on the Android system.


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