Google begins testing augmented reality technology in Google Maps

I started the Google company in conducting tests on augmented reality technology into Google Maps, which allows the user to obtain indicators for destinations with augmented reality using the camera back of the phone.

Google Map AR

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Company Google has announced to integrate augmented reality technology into Google Maps at the conference of developers of Google I/O, Clock, where this feature comes to support the user in the development and search for destinations when driving in new locations through augmented reality technology that uses the camera back of the phone to clarify indicators on the road.

Also scheduled to work the Maps application to locate the user precisely and then redirect the user to the indicators on the screen for the destination to be accessed, where already started to Google to test the new feature by some guides.

The report of the Wall Street that the feature development and the search for the destination by augmented reality come into the app through a custom button that works to revitalize the technical to guide the user directly to his destination with augmented reality, also supports the water also offer scene locations in real time, as the user will move the camera to determine its location more accurately.

Is to work for Google’s algorithm to determine the site directly and then apply the feature development of the Virtual On the screen using the rear car, where the indicators appear large on the screen to guide the user.

Also Google noted that this feature can not be used while driving, which requires moving your phone continuously in the specified location to guide the user, as the implementation of the guidance feature actually enhanced when you put the phone, so it is a difficulty for the user while driving.

Definitely still augmented reality technology in the cartridges Google in a period of test and evaluation in the current period, but it is possible that will support the user in the development and search for new destinations with more efficiency.


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