Google begins testing a new design trade on Android

At the annual Developers Conference Google I/O 2018, Google announced that its maps will become more personal and help in the coming months, has shown screen shots during the opening session of the Conference on design, Material Theme to develop maps on the Android system, and was waiting for the company to start testing new features in the next versions.

At this moment, when you click on any website within the Google Maps panel appears from the bottom of the screen includes the name of the place, in addition to the tests access to Street View, directions Directions and more information.

It is now rumored that Google has begun testing a new interface card includes angle rotator with more context and details, it will show the name of the site by Google Sans, while the card shows the type of location, whether a park or a commercial enterprise, in addition to working hours and evaluation.

In addition to the button which is pill. shows trends, highlighting the indicator of how many minutes you need to access the site from the current location based on the situation of routine shopping, if the organization adopted by Google Maps walk, you’ll see the expected time to reach on foot.

Come the new interface also with a button to connect and another to participate, as they appear on the screen images of the site which is considered to go.

What do you think of the new design for Google Maps is? Share your opinion the comments.


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