Google begins launch of storage service Google One in more countries including Arab

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

Started Company Google to launch cloud storage service paid thy, “Google One” Google One, in more states, including states in the Middle East, so after about eight months of the announced, then launched gradually in some states.

The giant American technology was announced in mid-May 2018 for “Google Wen“, which is the name of the new service “Google Drive” Google Drive, which will see capacity payment, with the change in capacity and monthly fees for new service.

After the launch, gradually, was the beginning of the United States in the month of May last for some users, then for everyone in the United States and in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, India, in the month of August, and then in the following months, has been launched in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Russia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Czech and Chilean.

Now, reported by users in both the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, Belgium, they received messages from Google telling them of the possibility of the translation service “Google Wen”, with prices starting from 1.99 USD monthly capacity of 100 GB, is priced at 2.99 USD monthly capacity of 200 GB, and so on until 299.99 USD monthly capacity of 30 terabytes.

It is indicated that the service “Google Wen,” targeting users who keep their photos and Videos your service “Google Images” Google Photos, the accuracy of the original, the two originally shared service “Google Drive” is paid.

And features service “Google Wen” is defined to provide capacity for the same price or in some cases less than the service “Google Drive”, and it provides additional features, such as support Round the clock from expert Google to help users get the most out of Google services.

And provides the service to its subscribers without other advantages such as the balance in the store “Google Play” and find special hotels that appear within the results of search engine Google. It also provides “the Google One” to the users the possibility of sharing storage space with up to 5 people of the family.

The gate Arab News Technical Google begins launch of storage service Google One in more states, including Arab

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