Google begins launch of new design for the Gmail for all users of Android


Earlier this year, Google announced that it will launch a new design for the Gmail on mobile devices. And for those who want to get this update, you’ll be pleased to tell them that the company Google confirmed to Engadget that it is currently being release this update for all users of Android as we speak now.

For iOS users, the company Google that it should be for this update to make his way to them by the end of this week also, so no need to worry. Will this update the design of a new application as shown in the picture above note that the new design will mainly depend on the fact of the bright white.

The new design also seems to clean more than the current design, so if you like what you see, this update is worth looking forward to. It is not clear whether this design will bring with it new features. In the past, the frequency that Google Inc. looks forward to bringing some of the features of Google Inbox to the Gmail app.

It is expected that the closure of Google Inbox this year, but may require Google to the rescue of some of the features of this app by bringing it to the Gmail app, but as we said earlier, it is not clear whether this is part of the next update.


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