Google begins issuing Google Chrome 71, says banning the ads and the bills

Google Chrome

Anyone surfing the Web long enough, no doubt he encountered many websites where designed the ads to look like windows pop-up notifications Windows, which when you click can take you to another site where they can install malware on your computer. However, if you use the browser Google Chrome from company Google, must become a thing of the past.

It is now said that Google Inc. began the launch of version 71 of the browser Google Chrome users, one of the features that brings this new update, we find the Prohibition of annoying ads, which is described by Google as ” ads or other elements that are similar to chat applications or warnings or messages of the operating system or other notifications that lead to the advertisement or landing page when clicked “.

In addition to blocking annoying ads, it is also expected to provide browser Google Chrome 71 protection feature billing. Will this feature warning screen billing on web sites that do not disclose the subscriptions paid properly. This means that if a website tries to make you score extra driven without your consent or your awareness, this is the place that is expected to start this feature is to protect you.

Started Company Google actually issue browser Google Chrome 71 for users of Windows and MacOS and Linux, is also expected to make his way to the platform Android and iOS, and the platform Chrome OS in the coming weeks.



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