Google banned one of the largest developers of App Store Google Play

I’ve always had the Google Play Store a fertile area when it comes to application of fake policies, but when Google is the entity that is scamming us, the company is fully prepared to take decisive action.

Think applications, especially free ones on the ads as a source of income from Google ads. Recently, it was discovered that the Chinese developer DO the Global method uses a fraudulent increase advertising revenue through clicks and a fake in-app ads, affiliates, Google share remove 46 of its applications from the App Store.

Some of the apps that were removed the level of safety is very large globally, where the total number of downloads of all apps half a million downloads, while some of the apps were violating policies of the store hide file information, said a spokesman for Google that the company is talking about harmful activities, and the company may take action to prevent the developers from the use of ads development of their relationships, or remove applications.

Source: buzzfeed

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