Google available in buy data users also

After a few hours revealed the involvement of Facebook in the purchase of data users through the application of Facebook Research, and then force it to close the application which violates the policy of Apple, it seems that Google is also available.

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According to a new report from the same source which is exposing the dangers of the Facebook initial, used Google app Screenwise Meter pay a monthly amount to each user allows to compile its data.

Look version Google less damage, where the request exceeded the user’s age 18 years to join the program, while allowing the Facebook application the existence of users start under the age of 13 years provided parental consent.

And enjoy the application Google with greater transparency about the data compiled about the participants, as there is placed a “visitor” who stops collecting data, knowing that the frequent use of this situation may lead to expulsion of the user from the program.

Google know programs similar in the past, the return to 2012, the company launched a rewards program to use the router to know what shared users on the networks of domestic internet, replace this software later Google Opinion current, which is equivalent to the joint formulation of a reservation explained in the experience of Google services and what is expected of them.

Similar to Facebook, as a result of to assemble the app data does not allow Apple to collect, I think the Google rule violation Apple TV, said to delete the app Screenwise Meter from store to store.

Confirmed Google that the program is voluntary, and transparent about what it collects data, you can still apply Google Wave in the Play Store.

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