Google Assistant received the support of lists and notes

Евгений Коваленко

But, unfortunately, there is still no integration with Google Keep.

Google expanded the capabilities of his assistant, adding the ability to create lists and notes. Previously, users have been able to enjoy just the shopping list, which is available at this link.

Now, you can say “Okay Google, make a list of” what Google Assistant will first ask how to call the list, and then you can add necessary items.

By the way, the above link you can now create additional lists by hand.

As for writing, here also everything is simple. You need to tell the assistant to “Take a note”, and then you can dictate information. To see all of your notes should say “Show me my notes are What my notes” and you will see a list. If you click on any of the notes, you will find yourself in a new menu “Lists and notes”.

New opportunities are gradually becoming available to users of Google Assistant. With regard to the integration with the app Keep, Google announced that work on it continues, so those who want to manage all the lists and notes in one place, will have to wait.

Source: Android Police

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