Google announces update to the ” H ” system WearOS, brings with it a host of new features

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The company Google today the publication of a brochure in which it announced the latest version of the system WearOS which simply carries the name of ” H “. Not quite sure it represents war H because we haven’t seen Google use this type of registration system versions WearOS. Regardless of the name, this update brings with it a host of new features to the system WearOS, including :

  • Battery saving mode : this mode will automatically activate itself when the battery level is less than 10%
  • Improve the the option to Body Efficiency : smart watch enter in deep sleep if not being worn for half an hour
  • Activation mode Smart App Resume for all applications : not applications lose their place in the Watch Apps if you decide to return it
  • Mode a Two Step Power Off : Press and hold the play button to see the playlist instead of the mantras in the settings

With regard to this update, the company Google by saying : ” you will be issued with this update gradually over the coming months. It may not be your device is eligible for this update will determine if your watch will get the update by the manufacturer of the goods. Some functionality may vary, different device “.

The last System update WatchOS, the company Google updates the user interface with the addition of shortcuts easy to move on to Google Fit and Google Assistant. With each update, it seems that the system WearOS working on correcting the things that make it hard to keep up with things. We are pleased to see Google is still interested in developing this system. Still depend on Google to improve many things in the system WearOS, but you do it really gradually.



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