Google announces turn off the Inbox app on 2 April next

Announced Google’s intention to stop the work of the application of the Inbox the Inbox which is a version different from the application of the sentence on the second of April next, where the Inbox as a field of experiments for new functionality before it is added to develop Gmail it also played an important role in the process of coordinating messages the benefits as long as you choose without the other, but this is no longer the preserve after the company decided to provide more popular in the audience on Gmail gradually, as a prelude to exploitation.

Began Google send alerts via pop-up window when users open for comment since yesterday, March 18, containing the text of the warning that the Inbox app won’t be available for use after 15 days, with the diversification that the user can enjoy all the benefits that a resources in the application when the committee feel.

To ensure that Google transmission users feel added a link to open it within the window of development, on the one hand the design looks overall shape of the development of Gmail similar to the version Inbox after the last update caused it as that many more have been copied in order to facilitate the Google process you celebrate the fan of Inbox application.

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