Google announces to bring their advantages to smart to its service cloud

Launched yesterday, the Conference a new Google focuses on its service cloud is a Cloud Next 18, where the company announced a number of updates, and technology-based machine learning Service by the cloud G Suite.

Google said the feature “smart reply” Smart Reply on her way to the chat service Hangouts Chat, and said that the feature “build smart” Smart Compose is now available to all users of the G Suite, the service of documents Google Docs has become providing suggestions grammatically correct.

After the launch of its email service Gmail Gmail, Messaging Android, Messages earlier than the current year, the coming Smart Reply to the chat service Hangouts Chat in the coming weeks. It is through the analysis of the context of the conversation, will Google three suggestions at the bottom of the screen.

Became the feature “automatic creation of” Smart Compose, which relies on artificial intelligence in the formulation of an electronic message, full of your own to offer you greetings and common phrases and personal information such as the address of the office or home, available to all users of the cloud service G Suite.

In Google Docs, aiming “suggestions grammar rules” to “monitor things like spelling and grammar errors that change the meaning of the sentence in a non-multi”. So they provide a more advanced level in spelling and the traditional, the benefit Google of “unique product-based machine translation for errors and suggest corrections.”

What do you think of the announced during the first day of the conference Cloud Next 18 to? Let me know in the comments.

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