Google announces the official name of select Android Q with the change of logo Android Official!

Google has officially announced that the next version of the Android operating system known until now as the Android Q will be the end of the names-based sweets will be the only name android 10, together change the design of the logo of Android known.

اندرويد Q سيحمل اسم اندرويد 10

Android Q will name android 10

Google found that the names of the sweets that you used with previous systems, such as: Pie and Oreo and nougat, was not known in all markets and asked a lot of users for what these names are, so the company decided to abandon the use of the system allows solutions in alphabetical order the versions of Android key with version Android Q holder name of Android 10 .

Comes second change announced by Google related to design logo Android as a whole, where Google has made a formal more blue color to the android icon logo in sign Android, over the years the robot to change its color from yellowish green, to lime green, and finally to the color bluish-green.

And Google said that the change in color more than the beauty and in line with the policy of the company to make Android suitable for everyone, the color green, the former was not visible to those who suffer from color blindness, blindness, red-green is the most common types, and now by adding more blue to the Green will turn the vision of those who can’t see color correctly.

Also the giant company to change the way to write the letters of the word Android to make it become more circular with many bends to develop the robot itself, and change the color to black color.

He became the head of the robot is now part of the logo of Android, and along with the word Android or above, will Google for the rest of the robot body and the head is the only part that will be visible now in the brand.

You can watch the full video to modify the design at the top and tell us what you think in the comments, you choose the design so much?

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