Google announces the development of the translation tool directly to talk “Google Translatotron”

قوقل تعلن عن تطوير أداة ترجمة مباشرة للحديث "Google Translatotron"

When we talk about Cubase, we can’t ignore the massive efforts by Google to its capacity via updates and artificial intelligence techniques added periodically; the last one of which was what announced via their blog about the development of the tool as Translatotron Google is competent to translate talk directly; i.e., without following the style routine in the translation of the word spoken through the converted text and then re-pronounce it again; it turn directly while also preserving the tone of the talk the speaker when you upgrade.

Other more in this topic the Cubase instant you think the upgrade system in stages at the current time; that is, if we use the application of Google Translate for example in the middle of the conversation to from English to Arabic or vice versa; we will notice that the translation is performed first via the received speech from microphone, and then convert it to text use the resulting errors in the A lot of that in the last stage is to pronounce it according to the text, and this is what seeks to avoid the company in its tool this with frequency modulation of a tone similar to the occurrence of the same speaker.

Where will this process through the analysis and study of the acoustic frequency of the speaker is fast and submit it for the parts through which access to the tone of the speaker when you upgrade from one language to another, but still the tool is in its early stages and still models the consequences tend to be its audio output mechanism, but this does not negate the never Technical will be the best time ever.

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