Google announces new rules to curb harassment of staff

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جوجل تعلن عن قواعد عمل جديدة للحد من مضايقات الموظفين

Modified company Google internal Code of conduct has rules more clearly against the harassment of co-workers after a series of lawsuits in the workplace, attacks and controversial among the staff, and for the first time has been the development of guidance about what people can post it in the internal operations of the company over the internet.

Take Google Inc this website a more stringent approach to harassment in the workplace after a campaign of bullying and intimidation lasted for almost a year, which started after the architect James damour, who confirmed in an internal Memorandum that the lack of gender equality in the technology sector is not justified biologically.

Aim of the new rules that was sent to employees to the extent of the online attacks and internal conflicts, especially around the issue of development in the company charged extremely. According to the documents, Google will discipline employees who deliberately provoke their colleagues or who will be leaking private information online such as addresses, their colleagues at work which leads to being harassed because of their opinions.

With the presence of stricter rules governing harassment and staff can Google interact with each other properly in the middle of internal discussion across the internet, where Google said it’s trying to maintain an open discussion within the company, while working to create a safer working environment for their employees who increase their number to 80 thousand employees.

Confirms the staff of Google who volunteer as advocates of development that these forums have become a place of harassment and increasingly, in the month of January confirmed that they have been targeted by their colleagues at work who leaked the personal information and comments from company internal to the Web sites of right-wing extremist, which led to their exposure to threats and violent its.

The situation has grown tense in recent months especially in the month of January last, when he established the engineer dismissed from the company James damour filed a lawsuit against Google in the Court of Santa Clara, California Supreme, and claimed in this proceeding the existence of discrimination and retaliation in the workplace, the suit says the company failed to protect its employees and especially white men from harassment in the workplace because of their support for president Donald Trump or their political views conservative.

Google said that the screen shots of the discussions of the staff that were included in the suit as long as the birds led to his involvement, because he had published an internal Memo saying that the difference between the sexes could explain the lack of women in technical roles and leadership positions in the technology industry.

Tariq Yusuf, a software engineer and defender of the development: “after nearly a year of dismissal as long as the public think the rules of the new action provided by Google is a new mutation in this regard and better than anything published by Google before that” he is one among a small group of Google staff who have spent months lobbying on the management of Google to protect employees from harassment.

It was a lot of feedback on the new rules within the company are positive, but Joseph and some of the staff of Google others argue that the rules may not be enough to stop the wave of abuse that is et al.

While Erin said knapp Software Engineer the company: “I personally feel a little safer, but I doubt that most of the people who have been targeted will be able to relax, so even Google says building a clear record in dealing with difficult situations well.”

Announced Sundar pichai Google Executive Chairman about the rules of the new work last week and sent in an e-mail to all staff.

The company said that the lack of civility in internal discussions on both sides of the debate about Executive pay Google to update their policies. In one FAQ advises Google employees: “the important aspect which should be taken into account is the way to explain your views – you should discuss the problem and not attack the person so that your tone and your words are important, especially in the workplace, and we want to continue to see a culture of discourse construction in our interaction with each other”.

Cause warrant as long as the birds separated later in the occurrence of deep divisions within Google, the company has asked the Court to prevent the long as the public to include names or identifying information the staff of Google in files future. It is planned to hold a hearing on July 13 next.

When I was separated damour commented Sundar pichai Google CEO on the matter saying: “the parts of his note included a breach of our Code of Conduct and beyond the obvious by asking the opinions of style bad on gender in the workplace”.

Google has new rules to regulate how the staff deal with each other significantly as a result of the campaign unprecedented by a small group of employees. Where they compiled their colleagues at work collecting signatures from the 2600 staff. Then met with the management several times during the several months of the state towards the development of new standards for the recognition of the community, and put an end to leak staff information and to clarify about how to deal with complaints of bad behavior, and improve the way human resources with their complaints.

In the month of March was held a meeting with several executives -including Ruth porat Chief Financial Officer of the parent company, Google, head of diversity at Google Daniel brown – where staff transfer their fears from the threats to which their lives are in danger, they said to disclose the emails are deceptive and their home addresses and the targeting of violence in videos on YouTube. As the same staff to announce their concerns publicly at a meeting of the shareholders of the parent company that this month.

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