Google announces its financial results for the first quarter of 2019

The company said Google on Monday said that its revenue growth is the slowest in three years; due to the increasing competition in the field of advertising, and its activity in the field of smart phones, the changes are destructive on the website YouTube, which left the leading company in the field of online advertising lags behind its competitors.

Far Google’s announcement of financial results, the shares fell the – parent company Google’s – increased by 7.5%, which is the daily decline biggest since October 2012.

Attributed to Ruth Porat – director of finance to buy the – a slowing of revenue growth to currency fluctuations, competition, changes in the company’s products. This; and need Google ongoing pressure from advertisers to the censorship on YouTube of rapid growth, so it seems advertisers are patrons of the offending content, especially adult-oriented.

It is also believed that Google is struggling to find the optimal shape of advertisements; for use on mobile devices, and amplifiers for home based assistance voice, and in emerging markets. Attaches Google arethe declarations of special importance, because 85% of revenues have come from the advertising sector Google.

Said CEO of Google (Sundar Pichai) said that a slowdown in revenue available under the company’s focus on the long term. He said in a phone conference: “you will witness the changes from quarter to quarter once every term, but we remain confident of the opportunities that we see.”

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Referred to to Google is facing strong competition in the market, as the company announced the competition in the advertising sector, including: Facebook, Qualcomm, Amazon, and Twitter, in the last week about the quarterly revenue of the top, or in line with analysts ‘ expectations.

She said that: that its quarterly revenue rose 17% to $ 36.3 million compared to US cities last year. The growth rate was the slowest since the first quarter of 2016, when a growth rate of 17%, as compared with what it has achieved growth in the first quarter of 2018, while the rate was 26%.

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