Google announces headphones Nest new Mini

I decided to Google the company name change Home Mini and integrated into the product range Nest, the company today announced headphones Nest Mini which think Update For Home Mini which has been launched in 2017.

And apparently, the headphones Nest Mini is completely identical to Google Home Mini, but the difference is that Nest Mini come with speakers enhanced stabilizers integrated to the wall. Will clear the smart four colors: black, gray, light coral and light blue.

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Google says that the pump that the sky comes faintly the power of the pump in Home Mini, this would sounds look realistic, natural and more.

If you listen to the audio content, the feel of heaven when you put your hand near the device to adjust the volume, can also be coupled with the Nest again to get sound system a bigger. This means that people can make calls Google Duo through the application of Google Home or use the speakers again in the Nest as the connection internally.

The company also headphones Nest Mini also includes a microphone third will help in a noisy environment, as they are characterized with machine learning custom which enable the operation Assistant features of Google faster and on the device itself.

Will be available to Sky and smart at the price of $ 49, available for pre-order starting today and will be completed by October 22 in 23 different countries.


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