Google announces a package of changes to improve their products display

It is known that ads play a crucial role in the billions of dollars earned by Google each year, so it is obvious to find the company took the search engine and the AD priority of the particular, so yesterday announced a set of major changes to their product advertising.

After 18 years on the launch platform AdWords, Google has announced yesterday the launch of a new label, namely Google Ads, while the platform Google Marketing Platform new services, Google Ad Manager, which announced them yesterday too, they are the result of several mergers of Major Products.

From small businesses to huge corporations, multinational, the development of Google’s advertising products suitable for all from beginners to the marketing experts. She hopes through a range of new updates in improve the process for everyone by merging them to make water more smartly, with the possibility of machine learning to deal with the hard work of the users.

Google said it will begin during the next month to put forward new brands and new features, which plays the updated design role with some of the new icons. As considered on 10 July, the next announcement of more advantages.

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