Google announces a new initiative to combat false news and supporting the press reliable

Explained to Google that for “news Google”, which will invest $ 300 million over the next three years, three specific objectives.

We have noticed in the past few years the escalation of the sounds that warn of the role of social networks, especially Facebook, to spread the false news around the world, so they were accused of influencing the result of the American presidential election and the arrival of a man like Trump to the position of President of the United States.

Following that, I started those companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, urges paced to whitewash itself through the fight against those false news and supporting the facilitation of users ‘ access to news from reliable sources.

In this context, Google announced on Tuesday about a new initiative on behalf of the initiative “Google News” Google News Initiative aimed at supporting the media industry through countering misinformation and strengthening the press.

Before we delve into the details of the new initiative, recall that Google a similar initiative launched earlier in Europe under the name of “straight news digital” Digital News Initiative, but the initiative “Google News” opt in being directly on a global scale.

Google explained, which had been serious in their support through a pledge to invest $ 300 million over the next three years, that for “news Google” three specific goals: namely, first: to highlight press safe with anti-misinformation, especially during news events urgent; secondly: the help of news sites for the growth of the business perspective; and third: the creation of new tools to help journalists to perform their jobs.

In order to combat false news, Google said it’s working on the training system to better identify the breaking news of the controversial and in order to show more accurate results, using the section “breaking news” which is newly added to YouTube as an example.

In order to highlight the press safe and help news sites on growth from the perspective of the business, Google announced the launch of a new program as the “subscribe with Google” Subscribe with Google that will help people Subscribe to news sites popular and well known such as The New York Times or the Financial Times.

The company explained that the program “Subscribe with Google” will enable users to participate directly in the pages of the news by using the payment information is current on their Google + Account to their own.

Finally, Google says it will continue to create products to enhance the health culture, referring to existing tools such as AMP’s Stories as an example of these efforts. It also announced a new tool called Outline, which is an open source tool of the technology incubator Jigsaw of the company which make it easier for news organizations to create VPN networks for journalists and providing them access safer to the internet.

Do you think that the steps Google will limit the spread of false news via the internet? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: Google announces new initiative to combat false news and supporting the press reliable

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