Google and Microsoft pay some passwords less

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Reviewed the company Google and Microsoft through effective operations Security Conference RSA in San Francisco and their efforts to help the online platforms to use passwords less through smart phones, computers that are running Windows, where shown how to use the Web sites of the systems login free password with the help of Android smart phones and Windows computers.

View Google How Can your sensor fingerprint phone android the renewal process login to PayPal account to PayPal, without the need to enter a password to approve the purchase online, since all you have to do is scan your fingerprint to allow you to PayPal login to your account.

You can do the same thing on your case, but by scanning your face, where Microsoft has the experience of how to use the Windows Hello via Web Camera within the case to read the features of the face, and then grant access to your PayPal account.

It should be noted that fingerprint scanning, facial recognition is not something new, but their use by Web sites is the new thing, and because both Google and Microsoft are members of the Alliance identity fast online FIDO, they pay the technology industry to drop the password in favor of methods the simplest and secure to prevent access.

Said Brett McDowell Brett McDowell, Executive Director of the improve FIDO: “we all know that passwords are a problem,” he pointed to statistics, which show that 81 percent of all data breaches that occurred in the year 2016 has been depending on the presence of weak passwords or stolen and fall into the hands of hackers.

He added, “We also have a problem in use related to the word traffic, it’s weak and it’s hard to remember”, in order to solve the problem, the Alliance developed the FIDO 2.0, a new standard for systems login eliminates the need for passwords for devices such as smart phones, computers, so that they can use biometrics to unlock the user’s account on the internet.

This technique works by measuring the device scans your fingerprint or your face to verify your identity, and then create a private key unique can open the internet account you want to access, so you have this method a great advantage compared with the systems and applications to manage passwords is that the site is not about or never stores your private key.

Both Microsoft and Google pay to adopt a standard FIDO 2.0, with their willingness to build authentication techniques within their web browsers, andMicrosoft indicated that the next version of its system operating Windows 10 will support this standard.

Google and Microsoft pay some passwords less

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