Google and Apple have removed the 50+ application malicious app stores

My company made Google and Apple to remove more than 50 apps from the application stores for smartphones after finding out they deliver ads harmful for millions of users, where reports indicate that these rates are then installed by more than 8 million times since her debut in July 2018.

Once you install these apps on the phones of the users, do not show these applications of the ads on the screen of the phone is full, but send many of the data policy external initiatives, as a kind of device, operating system version, the language, the number of installed applications, storage space, battery status and more.

Android apps harmful was have the ability to determine geographical locations for users, while although removed from the app stores, it is possible to still be installed on users ‘ computers or available in the stores of the third party, as for the relationships discovered at the App Store, the number of 17 the application of harmful is intended to generate clicks fraudulent ads to increase revenue.

Although the app stores the official of Apple and Google is the safest place to download applications and games, but apps filled with malware found a way or the other to overcome the protection systems and get approved for.

Source: TNW

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