Google, Amazon end the Cold War between them, and YouTube will finally to devices for Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

I did both Google and Amazon to end the conflict that was between them, and by adding support for the features key to each company in the services of the company’s competition.

As a result, the company will Google launch the YouTube app on the devices for Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Edition within the next few months. Will the app content up to 4K 60fps HDR. Will Youtube TV, Youtube Kids also later this year. At the same time, users will be able to soon stream Amazon Prime Video from the application to their mobile devices to Chromecast or devices with this dongle such as televisions, players and MMORPG 4K.

Began a silent war between Google and Amazon about two years ago when Google pulled the YouTube app from your Amazon Fire TV when stopped Amazon from selling the Chromecast in the store and also add AirPlay support to Amazon Prime Video. Since then, allowed Amazon to access YouTube on devices Amazon Fire TV through the browser Silk, but don’t ever add support for Chromecast in the app Amazon Prime Video.

Although all that may change, however, Google didn’t say anything about the availability of YouTube on the smart screens, a subsidiary of Amazon, including Amazon Echo Show and Amazon Echo Spot.

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