Google allows users to purchase products through the Google Account and Google Search

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Google announced today the launch of a new program called Shopping Actions. The idea behind this program is to benefit from the operations of the sea the countless ” where to buy ” that you see is a giant search through the Internet to provide customers easy way to buy products via the digital assistant Google Assistant and through the search engine Google Search using the Unified Arab regardless of their device, whether a computer or a mobile device or even a smart speaker Google Home.

Google said its data reveal a rising number of researchers on the ” place of purchase” on mobile devices by 85 percent over the past two years. More than 44 per cent of those using the speakerphone smartphone at least weekly said they used their device to order products such as groceries and household items once a week at least.

Will have the shopping experience of customers save their payment details and then make purchases from retailers, subscribers by prompt payment. Used Google Inc. from retailers as part of this program, which will be separate from the defense ad provided by the retailers to the Google products that you know as advertisements.


This will make the process of browsing to buy the products more safety. For example, customers buying a smart phone certain from the Amazon store after searching for it on Google and add it to the Cart the Google Express. The customer can himself then request something else through the speakers smart sound featuring digital assistant Google Assistant, which means buying all the components at once through a process of secure payment hosted by Google.

Conducted a Google test already to this with some partners saw an average increase of approximately 30 percent in the volume of purchases. It should be noted that the programme of Shopping Actions is open to all retail stores in the United States regardless of their size.




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