Google allows keys protection Titan Security Key for all users

قوقل تتيح مفاتيح الحماية Titan Security Key لجميع المستخدمين

After that was security keys, Titan Security is Key especially to the staff of Google and then draft their own cloud services, the company keys, protection devices for all users in the world to provide additional protection to them.

Will be available the Titan Security Key users across the stores in Google buy for 50$ , both of which contain Bluetooth and has a USB port, will be shipped to them directly when you purchase.

And these keys are Service protection binary from company, where you are trying to on devices from cyber-attacks and hacking because of the way that they dealt with the incoming and outgoing data in hardware, which makes the user safe from any problem related to the security of electronic.

When these keys dedicated staff at Google, was able to protect them very substantially from hacking attacks, according to the company, which is what made her saying in her ordinary users to protect their accounts in services in particular, services such as Facebook, study books, hip hop and others.

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