Google allows everyone to register on the scale of the shortcuts new.


Last year Google announced about the scope of the new loft supports new. And used it in their services as a shortcut to create documents or presentations or spreadsheets New directly once you enter the URL in the address bar, and soon will enable any person or company get a link from his own experience.

Starting from 2 October next will get a link to the shortcuts the company will begin to allocate the first batch of applications in January next.

The basic requirement for this domain is to use it as a shorthand way of your services, such as service Spotify has a link to the enter we start by creating a new playlist, and so on. There are several services famous already interested in this domain, such as Bitly, Canva, Coda, Medium, OVO Sound, RunKit, Stripe, and Webex

If that goes against any common this condition has become widespread simply as any scope of top of another enters into his position, it is authorized to delete the subscription on or off.

And as usual, the initial period of the launch ranges, top New be available only for companies and brands known and are available from now until 14 January next, and will let anyone label you.

Now if you want quick access to Google services different, here are those shortcuts:

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