Google allows access to data usage and control on all its services is easy

قوقل تتيح الوصول لبيانات الاستخدام والتحكم بها على جميع خدماتها بشكل سهل

Launched Google new update policy to use that follow, as this update offers an easier way for users to access the active data and archived on the company’s services and the possibility to control and delete them in easy through the side menus of applications and services.

The company had to allow users to delete their data usage as well as control it, but it wasn’t visible to most users did not mostly have access to the control options to delete activities or challenge their statements, as was the option available in the settings of the Gmail account only.

But with the new update, the user can click on the icon the side menu in the application and services company and choose the “your data searches” and then found different activities on Google services and delete some amendment on the possibility to save some of his searches.

Googel Control your data, directly in the Google products

Of course, the services and applications Google activities include in searches on the browser, use the Android phone and various applications, research links that have been visited and other things that are done via the operating systems company or search engine applications.

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