Google algorithm update in August 2018: affected sites and beneficiaries highlighted tips

On the first of August 2018, revealed Google launched a new update to the algorithm it stressed that global and affects all the areas and languages in its search results.

This is not the update of Panda or Hummingbird, or any of the famous names in the world of SEO, but it’s update key has no name and no known profession officially.

But we have later information that helped us in the end to know the nature of this update and the task that he came for her in general.

In short, Google has confirmed that this update is comprehensive and radical, but based on a lot of the analyses conducted so far, there seems to be focused on health sites, medical sites, which affects its content on a physical level visitors or their health and their lives.

But that doesn’t mean that many of the Web sites in other areas not affected by the update, and Google told us that there is nothing you can do to fix sites affected by the update at the current time, so you just focus on providing a great experience, and provide the best content and the web site more useful.

The observers release allows the Medic Update, on this update because of its focus on medical sites and health. This focus is something you haven’t confirmed by Google as we pointed out earlier.

  • What do we know about this update from Google?

Google said it is working on the launch of dozens of new updates for its search in the year in order to improve the search results.

Refers Google to the advice updates the previous core, indicating that there is no “solution” to shocks that may achieve the performance of lower quality, than continue to focus on creating great content.

With the passage of time in creating good content, you improve the pages of your site in the ranking compared to the images of the other. Google said: “As with any update, you may notice some sites decreases or offices. There is nothing wrong in pages that may not work well now. Instead, the changes to our systems benefit the page that was still in the past without reward.”

As stressed by Daly Sullivan, coordinator of the network of Google Search, that this declaration is “universal” and affects all the Google search results, regardless of language or region.

You didn’t tell us to Google about the vulnerability of the search results in this update, as it has done in the past with important updates like Panda penguin and other updates of the famous.

What we know from the company on Twitter is that the update has finished the search results in recent days, after 10 days on release.

  • Of the affected by this update?

As we have explained above, Google said that this update “global”, which implies that the sites of global and local could have been affected.

But based on the data that we got from the Polls, companies that collect data, and advisers to SEO, there seems to be focused on the medical and health fields, in addition to the types of sites “Your Money Your Life” relating to water and health which can affect the financial situation of the users or the health status of their own.

  • What are the locations of “Your Money Your Life“is?

  • Pages that ask for personal information such as personal identification numbers, bank account numbers, driver license numbers, etc. that can be used in identity theft.

  • Pages used for Monetary Transactions, which may users provide information about their credit account or their bank account, for example any page that allows you to buy something.

  • Pages that offer medical information or health may affect your physical safety.

  • Pages know tips about life decisions, such as pages, parenting, buying a house tidy, etc.

  • Pages offering advice on major life issues that can affect your happiness out of the financial future, such as pages that offer legal advice or financial.

  • The most prominent websites affected

Locations, Health, Medical, and electronic stores that provide health products and medical sites and Your Money Your Life topped the sites affected by this update as we note in the following table look like the damage is significant and to a loss of 53 percent of visits coming from Google.

  • The leading websites winning

In contrast I wore a lot of pages in the search results it seems that there are electronic stores most notably eBay, has benefited from this update saw an increase in visits by 68 percent of the sites that relate to the following table:

  • Map of sites affected in general

Through the examination of 300 website said the owners, they notice they affected both positively or negatively because of the update and the volume of traffic coming from Google increased or decreased, we find the following:

About 42 percent of the sites affected are Health sites, come to e-commerce ranked second with 16.2 percent, and business sites in second place in the locations affected in general.

  • What can you do now?

And now, now that we know what Google said And what the data show, what can you do? This is the biggest question for those who have been negatively affected.

As we said above, Google said There’s nothing you can do, there is no solution. This is not very useful, isn’t it? However, Google propose that we continue to work on improving your website, create better content, make the user experience better in general, and in the end may result in the following update to improve the ranking of your website.

Conducted Google update huge algorithms affect search results and affects many webmasters and site owners and philanthropists of search engines on 1 August. It seems to have been a greater impact in the area of health and medical, the general advice is to make your site and your experience using the site better in general and group work in small changes can have a big impact on your rating.


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