Google adds the feature of “undo send” Gmail on Android

Is the email service Gmail from Google is immensely popular among Internet users, and that was only because of the many advantages and useful, perhaps the most prominent of these advantages, the advantage may move from positions not enviable in case an error occurred intentional or unintentional in an email message, a feature “undo message” Undo Send.

Are available a feature “undo send” on the web version of Gmail for years, and now that the company has brought to a mobile version of the email service.

According to the feature of “undo send”, which appears after the Send message option to “undo” Undo that lasts for a few seconds before it disappears, and in the case I realized that the message contained the error should not paint with it, you can during this period short undo send.

And a mobile version of Gmail, back that Google added the option to “retreat” to the bottom of the screen, along with the word “sending” Sending and by clicking on the “decline” the message will not reach the other party, Linda of the user to the Compose screen to correct the error.

Unlike the desktop version, the feature on a mobile version of Gmail do not contain the setting to change the length of time during which to rescind the transmission, which ranges between 5 and 30 seconds. Shows that the Mobile is shorter than that.

It was noted the new feature to version 8.7 of the application of Gmail on Android system, for its part, Google confirmed the existence of water on the help page service e-mail.

This, can download the version 8.7 of the application of Gmail on Android as APK standalone of here.

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