Google adds more customization options and ads on the internet

Allow new options from Google disable ads for “tickets” to add another important feature.

In 2016, the company launched the new Google tool will allow users to customize the ads that appear for them on the internet, and it was a mutual benefit, so that you can Google to increase the efficiency of their advertising, while at the same time available to you – within limits – to ensure the appearance of the ads that suit you.

It seems that this tool works properly, which encouraged Google to offer more options to the new settings for advertising, such as disable ads for “tickets” sync settings “ignore this ad” across devices.

Before talking about the first option, recall that Google usually display advertisements a “reminder”, if it happened that I visited the store electronically add a product to the shopping cart, but you haven’t finished the process of purchase; you may find something better in other locations or on the same site, Google the next time you visit the store, show the AD reminds you of the product that you added to peace to encourage you to return and complete the purchase.

With this new option you can now disable ads for “tickets” that through ads settings provided by Google users, this option is available on all of the applications, websites and partner Google.

Google plans to expand this option to include in the coming months, the ads that appear on YouTube, and search engine, and email service Gmail.

As for the second option, it allows the sync settings to “ignore this ad” Mute this Ad, which was launched by Google the first time in 2012 in an effort to enable users to prevent ads that don’t want to see her again.

Now, if you happened to choose to “ignore this ad” declaration specific, it will not appear on any other device signed in through Google account, whether the device is a smartphone or a laptop.

What do you think the new changes from Google? Is it satisfactory? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: Google adds more customization options and ads on the internet

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