Google adds meta-data can prevent tampering applications

Google Pixel 2 XL

Company has taken the Google concrete steps over the years to reduce the spread of malware through the Google Play Store and other sources. I made now a small change but an important one in the Google Play Store which may go a long way in improving the security of the operating system. She’s now adding ” a small amount ” of meta data for the safety to APK files so that they can ensure the distribution of applications through the Google Play Store or any other source supported.

Allows the metadata for the safety of ” Metadata ” that can add to the company’s Google Apps users to check the app even when they are not connected to the internet. Thought a lot of people on the portals other than Google Play Store to get apps. You may use them for multiple reasons, including downloading apps not available in their region or country.

Do you mean adding metadata to be able to users who hold the app from the gates of the third party to check if those apps are original and not rate apps contain malware that could infect their smartphones.

Would the metadata also for applications of the authorized distributors to work with the features of Google Play Store such as subscriptions and family. Will be able to Android read the metadata automatically and verify that the application is legitimate.


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