Google adds feature to disable the “saccharin-shot” application on Android devices


The company launched Google + a new feature for the trial version of the application to its main google App, which allows users to edit photo “screen shots” Screenshoots that are captured on the systems of Android, where came this new feature within the update that a campaign No. 7.21.

Water access new

According to the report, which was published on the website “engadget“, showing the water via the option “edit and share screen shots”, which can be reached via the settings and then the section “accounts and privacy” once activated, will keep the user popup window appears to the bottom of the page every time they take a picture of the company.


Granted the window users the option to modify the screen shot or share with other apps directly from within the Google application or from within a custom tab of chrome, and in the case of your choice for download, you’ll be able to crop the screen shot and painting it then share it after completion.

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