Google adds arm support Controller Xbox One to Android Bay

Equivalent to users of the Android system problems with control lever for platform games Xbox One of Microsoft, don’t expect the support required to the control lever on the system.

Although Microsoft has added the support of Bluetooth technology to the control arm on the prevention of the Xbox One two years ago which allowed to control games smartphones by the control arm via Bluetooth, however, a number of games have suffered from the problem in identifying the buttons.

But that’s changed now with Google’s announcement of full support for the control lever to prevent games officially in the latest version of the Android system 9 bei, so after the vulnerability has been fixed that was causing the problem of determining the buttons.

However, this support will be able to users Android 9 Bay control all phone games that support the use of the control rods via Bluetooth.

What do you think of this announcement from Google? Let me know in the comments.

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