Google add a story to the search results

Launched Google just a preview version dedicated to developers to serve the story AMP stories (pages are mobile metronome Accelerated Mobile Pages) and service presentations in the form of slices targeting Google show in search results. The AMP stories on computers and mobile devices, but it fit small screens better allowing you to take advantage of the presentations include images, videos, texts just like the stories of Facebook, instead, and snapchat. Launched Google in 2015 an open source project to speed up the loading of web pages when browsing using mobile phones, according to the draft AMP in general on the set of caching techniques Cache to speed up page load, where the AMP-HTML code for web pages immediately when you click them in the search engine. Competing AMP service instant articles from Facebook, it is not yet clear how will Google AMP Stories in regular search results, but you can learn how to see them through the video clip facility.

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