Google acquires technology in the smart watches from Fossil

Group announced the Fossil recently announced a deal with Google offers through its search giant’s intellectual property rights in new technology in smart watches, where the end of the page for $ 40 million.


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Acquired Google company on a new technology under development from the Fossil in the deal contract in secret recently, where the completion of the transaction to $ 40 million.

It is scheduled to get Google according to this page on the new technical innovations of smart watches, where indicated Stacey Burr in his remark that watches and smart watches come to support the users of the information highway as it can be customized according to detailed for each user, to provide all the information needed by the user through a quick look.

Recall that the company Fossil is one of the most powerful companies, developed for smart watches in the market, providing versions come with a premium design. with good prices to users, it is expected that the competing versions of the apple of the Apple Watch during the coming period, supported by the new alliance with the search giant Google.


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