Google acquires company turned the screen to hear the sound of



Acquired Google company Redux of the British specialized in the use of vibration to improve screen smart phones and tablets to headphones sound means the possibility of dispensing with the headset in the phones pixels the future.

Was this acquisition without any fanfare or a press release officially until he got since last summer, but we learned today.

Developed Redux several techniques related to health and touch on smart phones, but did not require the final product of its own. Of the most prominent of these techniques to transfer the sound via vibrations in the screen instead of the headset sound The, as well as there are several techniques to give vibration under the screen, it simulates the feeling of pushing the button but just touch the person, this feeling with several interfaces such as clicking on numbers in the phone application or move between segments of the show.

According to the sources, tried the technology company to transfer the sound via vibrations, the sound quality was excellent, and also give the vibrations under the screen feeling the pressure of the button to true.

Including Google to strengthen its presence in the hardware market, especially smart phones, the acquisition of such companies will give a push occasion in front of the Apple TV.

Named CEO of Redux they are able to convert the screen touch devices to headphones high sound quality voice aloud high means the possibility of dispensing with conventional speakers.

Spare headphones means an additional step to make the devices water-resistant where there are no vents to leak out to the inside of the device being the heavens is the same screen.


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