Google is testing a major update Maps. What has changed?

Over the past weeks Google is actively pleases updates fans Android. For example, in October it became known about the update Gboard, which made the communication between users more fun with a new set of personalized stickers. After a couple of days ago the company changed the name of the Files Go and altered the design of the application. Now innovations have reached Google Maps. They will simplify navigation and improve user experience.

We are talking about the possibility to report traffic accidents, reports Android Police. If the driver sees a problem on the road, he will be able to warn other road users. The latter rebuilt in another lane or even circle around the area to save time.

New features of Google Maps

While the feature is available only for a small number of owners of Android-devices, and only in navigation mode. The new menu looks like. The message button located in the lower left corner.

The first mention of new features dates back to June. Then journalists found the opportunity to tell about incidents in your code. Somehow, the update began to spread only now, and very slow.

Users will also be able to report radar. In this case, drivers should be extra careful not to accidentally exceed the speed limit and not get a penalty.

We will remind, on the eve of the owners of Android-based smartphones have found the innovation of the developers in Google Maps, you can enable dark theme. Yet this, too, works only with navigation, but experts do not exclude the transfer of registration and in the normal mode. Detailed instructions for activation is here.

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