Google branded app for podcasts. What’s new?

Google developers have released a separate app for playing podcasts in the second half of June. The program immediately conformed to the new rules of Material design Theme and offered the standard features of the kind. Users can read the description of a podcast to see available episodes and subscribe to the transmission. In addition, will support writers with money. The staff released an update and added new features.

Update the app for podcasts focused on the social component. To be more precise — the ability to share any issues and gear. After the launch of Google Podcasts was a big problem with that. Sharing was limited, and the authors show you had to use a special tool from Google to create a direct link to the transmission.

Such a decision hardly can be called comfortable. Fortunately, now the situation has changed. Google Podcasts got a built-in function of sending links, reports 9to5google.

Google Update Podcasts

To use it press the button in the upper right corner of the application and select the appropriate menu. The program will offer to copy the podcast link or just send it to another application.

Generated links work best on smartphones — the Android device will immediately open the desired issue inside the app. If you run the link in the browser, the user will see a page with the logo of the podcast, and table of contents.

Recall, Google is not the first time updates the software to play podcasts. At the end of June, the journalists told about the innovations, among which was a function of compression interruptions during playback. You can activate it in the settings menu of the file playback speed.

Download Google Podcasts get here. For discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the program go to the official Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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