Taught Google apps for Android to be updated while using

Google started to implement a new API for OS Android, which will allow applications to be updated at the time of use, according to a corporate blog post by the search giant. Thanks to innovation users will be able to continue uninterrupted with when you download the update and install it. It will make the process of using the operating system more seamless and convenient, especially when it comes to professional tasks, long interruption which is undesirable.

According to the developers, the new API brings two update method. First — full-screen — to pause the application, allowing the changes to go into effect automatically. This method is preferable for situations when you need extra instant updates and innovations. Second — background — provides the download and install updates in the background allowing you to continue interacting with the app and apply the changes manually.

How to update the app while continuing to use it

Background refresh, it will be convenient in situations where the app offers to download and install the latest build to the device. If approved, the program initiates a download of the update and install it without disturbing the process of use, and upon completion will display a system notification about required restart. The agreement initiates a restart of the application, allowing the contained in the update innovations to take effect and start to use them practically “without seams”.

Recently Google did a great job on improving applications for Android OS. One of the most significant upgrades was the ability to run demo versions of games and utilities directly to Google Play without having to install them on the device. So the search giant is expected to give users the ability to rate the app before buying it, and also to reduce the number of returns reason FOR subsequent refund.

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