Goodbye LCD screens – phones iPhone coming coming all screen OLED !

According to the latest reports The Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking to abandon the LCD screens in the lineup of the upcoming iPhones the beginning of 2020, it will be this version of the iPhone XR this year is the latest model LCD screens .

The report notes that the move to the screens and will enable the design of the phone more flexible in the long run, hinting at an ambitious roadmap for 2020, we already see to some extent today with your iPhone XR, which was produced with LCD screen which make it have edges greater than its analogues with screens Olid.

This recent decision by Apple is commensurate with its attempts the last to adapt the screen of the LCD, but it comes in favor of the consumer in the end, I can make OLED displays of ideas and designs for a futuristic change of pace style of information that are considered by Apple since the production of the Evo X .

Finally, it is expected to affect low demand low demand for LCD screens and iPhone XR at least the expected impact on the data of Japan Display last significantly, while will benefit makers of OLED if you turned the lineup iPhone 2020 already to this type of tea.

Recall that Apple is already working on the development of screens microLED as another alternative to the LCD .

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