Good things done by Apple in 2018 and other non-IT

In spite of the sailing of the Apple slow progress in the smartphone market and the value of a trillion dollars and survival a short period. And its decision to not tell about the number of hardware sales again. And save on its promises to provide jobs in the United States. Announced the construction of a new campus in Austin, Texas. However, Apple’s done some things during that year is likely they are not successful or we default Big Apple. As the prices of their products blatantly and on a large scale, and continued to Siri the role of the poor in the field of artificial intelligence. This is other problems appeared throughout the year, most recently with the iPad Pro 2018 new and the problem he’s Crooked easily. Despite these disadvantages however, and in fairness has made the Apple TV also other things are good we will mention some in this article and we leave you the comment stated what you see good or bad in the comments below.

The good things that Apple has done

On the Apple TV to sharing tara or tara or other offered facilities at the level of the various levels so that they remain the province of its advanced. As well as it build on its long experience not to look down her feet, so we had to have interest in the development of scientific research and education to something new and more daring. Of those good things made by Apple over the past year.

The context of Apple’s external and internal

There is no doubt that Apple says a trade war was waged in so many directions most famously by China or by the Trump himself. However, Tim Cook did not close contact with the White House, in spite of that beliefs Trump inconsistent with the value of the Apple policies and mentalities of most of its employees. However, the tasks that fall on the shoulders of Tim Cook is to clarify the real damage caused by new tariffs, and it may not be stubbornness against the management of Trump or you’ll be the Apple Watch ominous. On the one hand Apple products that are assembled in China, the management of Trump will impose substantial tariffs on these products in addition to their price is already high, which will inevitably lead to override the jurisdiction has Apple customers moving to other companies.

Laying the foundation for augmented reality

Still augmented reality applications on the iPhone, and the iPad saves her a lot and we can call it a “high heel”. If I suggested that technique to pick up the phone and left and right to play game or run application, we believe that many get bored of that method, with the benefit of body movement and mind. However, it is likely to support the Apple TV that the technical deployment of augmented reality glasses, and therefore will be the only movement required is the user’s head only.

It is worth mentioning that Apple is working on full swing to develop that technology. The development system AR your AR. They also spare no effort in providing support for the coolest augmented reality apps starting from iOS 12.

Hire John Giannandrea

Last April, Apple hired John Giannandrea, who was the head of the Department of search and artificial intelligence at Google and handed to his Apple TV the leadership of the Department of artificial intelligence and a range of machine learning. It is supposed to be important gear first is the reform of Siri, which reported recently they dramatically improved but it still lags significantly also from their peers such as Alexa and Assistant Google. Can benefit from the experience of gear deep in the field of artificial intelligence it is highly qualified in identifying and implementing the vision of Apple for Siri. It is likely that these tasks are very difficult for you, under the style of Apple is conservative in maintaining users ‘ data and Privacy.

The availability of music playback Apple TV to speakers Amazon Echo

In a good move by Apple is providing the music for Apple devices Echo your base and her assistant smart to Alexa. An appropriate step for the millions of users who have phones iPhone and devices Echo Alexa-developed on the Apple headphones late a lot with her assistant Siri. Apple is trying to rival Amazon and Google in the fish market of smart as well as intense competition with Spotify in the market of subscription services in music. Apple has about 56 million users pay for $ 87 million in Spotify. It may be the most important I have Apple TV now has access to all the users of the Echo Alexa better than confining them only to hear the Apple smart HomePod.

Apple Pencil new

The first pen was launched by Apple in the year 2015 was OK, except that Apple has updated the home during this year and the second generation of them. Where it is shipped in an easier manner through the wireless charging by the magnetization with the side of an iPad, as well as the introduction of new gestures on the aspects of the pen for in the way of his work. A big step and especially for being creative.

Bad things made by Apple in 2018

No doubt there are things I liked about her lovers Apple, most notably rising prices, and other problems we will mention the most important ones are as follows:

Problems with Apple TV HomePod

Like the Apple studies the user’s needs and desires and then provide technology accordingly. Perhaps there is a defect of what led to the derailment of this approach when it introduced Apple TV HomePod. Where stop people offering the Apple TV for the Smart Device revolution as the era that we have. Understand they expected to be speaker assistant digital sophisticated in addition to low price and some flexibility in access to services musical. But released home boom Assistant Digital Limited is Siri, of course, not to mention the high price that was sold it is $ 349.

What about headphones AirPods?

In the first version there is a lot of the problems that occur about users starting from the sound quality and the shipping method, and rapid detection. And other problems when they are coupled with an hour of Apple. Well there is a lot to add to those the heavens such as adding sensors biometric will be without the use of hands as well as wireless charging.

Strange that the AirPods products Apple TV new and innovative determined by Apple two years ago, why? Many are the announcement of the second generation in January next. Maybe Apple offers something that satisfies for its customers. It is said that it is likely to support the army PR Wireless Charging. It would be good to make the Apple TV a wireless charging pad AirPower that we’ve been hearing about since more than a year.

Failure to declare a comprehensive plan to improve Siri

I have yet to turn Apple TV on a comprehensive plan to improve Siri, has talked only about specific applications for automated. Will you sell Siri so in the mode of late. We hope it will not be long and that surprised Apple’s plan to overhaul.

The effect of Apple’s pricing based on purchasing habits

When Apple has released iPad-iPhone X in 2017 I bet that people would pay for the smart phones of more than $ 1000. In fact it is possible to pay this balance off in some places, and may not work in many other places. Which led to a sell-low in important regions such as India and other countries such as Egypt. Where to exchange phones Apple at extremely high prices in the markets most people are accustomed to paying less than $ 300 for the phone. Perhaps that idea is why the launch of the iPhone SE in 2016 to address that shortcoming. It seems it didn’t work great where the timing of the Apple about you need this iPhone recently. Based on the reports it has reduced the rate of charging phones iPhone to India increased by 40% year on year compared to 2017 and decreased the share of Apple in those markets from 2% to 1%.

The Apple should look into those markets, especially China, the Middle East, and not only focus on saturated markets such as the United States.

Make a feature of the ECG is a major selling point for Apple’s new

Of controversial things in the past that Apple has made the feature of ECG to measure the electrical signals of the heart are the main selling point. Strangely enough in the theme, that Apple made that particular water of the United States of America only without the rest of the world. You can see this article.

Do you expect that the Apple TV things to improve its status in the next year? Or there are other obstacles, wait? Tell us in the comments.



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