Good news? Update WhatsApp last put an end to redirect the messages!

Have WhatsApp and privacy are high I have a lot of users, but new updates that you add the Facebook application WhatsApp its caused a lot of inconvenience to the users of the program, something that catches the organizers of the app and are now trying to work on it in a manner that preserves privacy.

According to the latest reports, the update WhatsApp new will put an end to the messages forwarded, instead of identifying a large number of numbers on your phone and re-directing a message to them once, won’t be able to after the update of forwarding the message to more than 5 users only!

This information was confirmed directly from WhatsApp in a press release sent out via e-mail, she explained WhatsApp in which:

“Users can present on the latest version of the application WhatsApp is now only forwarding the messages to five contacts at one time, which helps to keep the WhatsApp limited to private messages with contacts nearby.”

Finally, comes this update after a few months of the appearance of the reports in India about the process of killing 25 victims linked to the apparently messages viral products via WhatsApp, coupled with the proliferation of the number of messages false positives in more than countries around more than some of them exhibit malicious software already.

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