Gold version of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro is now available also in Europe

oneplus 7 pro

Not been launched in all of the United States of America, China, India, earlier this month, has decided the company OnePlus is now launching a gold version limited phone OnePlus 7 Pro in Europe as well.

Unlike the other version, the ageing gold of the new phone OnePlus 7 Pro available the option of one-level memory random memory internal. Specifically, you can get the gold version of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory with the knowledge that it would be 700 GBP in the UK or 760 euros in the rest of Europe. It should be noted that the gold version of the phone OnePlus 7 Pro is limited, but you didn’t tell us the company about the number of units available for purchase. As a result, there are to the site quickly if you want to get one.

OnePlus 7 Pro is considered one of the more smart phones impressive that was released this year, it has screen unique and high precision, the performance is excellent, the camera system versatile. But suffered this phone than its fair share of bugs from launch, but the company OnePlus to fix those mistakes through updates of the software note it still works as well as on the reform of a range of other errors. However, it is difficult to overcome the clamor raised by the phone OnePlus 7 Pro, even if it is the most expensive smartphone in the history of the company OnePlus.


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