Gold reserves: how much money in the insurance Fund BitMEX?

Hong Kong stock exchange has so many bitcoinsthat can Fund attack 51 directly against the few altcoins for months. No, BitMEX is not going to ruin the stock market. We will focus on the volume of the insurance Fund trading platform and its capacity in resolving problems.

In cryptocommunist felt that now the Fund has 21 350 BitMEX bitcoin, approximately 75,9 million dollars at the current rate. Trader under the name loomd’rat noted the rate of accumulation of funds — specified the amount of BitMEX have accumulated over a couple of months during the fall of Bitcoin from 6,500 to $ 3,500.

How to protect yourself from the loss of cryptocurrencies

According to official statistics of the exchange, as of 1 January 2018 the Fund balance was only 2720 BTC. Cryptomnesia Zach, Voll noticed that the growth of funds BitMEX can be compared with the stability issue of the Bitcoin. However, the exchange accumulates assets regardless of the price movements of the cryptocurrency.

The growth of the insurance Fund BitMEX the same predictable and constant generation of new bitcoins.

Sad news about the attack on 51 Ethereum Classic severely undermining the credibility of Aldona. Note that ETC is one of the most famous coins of the stock market, but even she fell victim to hackers. About the coins with less hasraton and capitalization can not even speak.

BitMEX have plenty of resources to successfully attack the most part of more or less significant Alto of our rating.

Insurance Fund of the exchange in this point equals 1 percent of the capitalization of Coinbase, 2 pizzas Laszlo, 580 super sports car GranTurismo 2018, 3800 hours 51 attack on Litecoin.

Probably, the Creator of Litecoin would be glad of this news. Earlier, Charlie Lee statedthat a truly decentralized cryptocurrency should be constantly under threat of attack 51.


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