Gold card of Algeria: the full list of sites that accept payment by

(Last update: 07/12/2018)

Launched the “e-Algeria” a new credit card in late 2016 under the designation “gold card”, in order to promote electronic payment in Algeria and facilitate the process of payment for bills take a lot of time and effort.

Sites that support gold card of Algeria

I started the card services support a few, but they will expand more as promised “e-Algeria”. In this article we’ll talk about sites and services that support the Gold Card as a means of payment approved until the date of the update, this is to facilitate the reader access to all the services without getting tired in searching for them.

Air Algérie – Air Algérie

الخطوط الجوية الجزائرية البطاقة الذهبية

Airline Algerian, the company intends to major in Algeria air transportation services. Can with fonts Algerian buy tickets online review Gold Card through its official website.

Ooredoo – Ooredoo

أوريدو البطاقة الذهبية

Provides the customer with Ooredoo Algeria service recharge your phone online with the push of button to start of de, using a card gold, and this through the following link.

Mobilis – Mobilis

موبيليس البطاقة الذهبية

It is also recommended the Mobilis same service recharge via the Gold Card, This is through the following link.

The fate of the life – MacirVie

مصير للحياة macirvie البطاقة الذهبية

Companies in the Algerian insurance, the insurance in three areas: Life, Health, and, related to this company card gold provides the option to participate in the insurance service online to use the card through this link.

Telecom Algeria – Algérie Telecom

The Algerian police recurrent services of internet, fixed and mobile in Algeria, significantly reduce the suffering of the pay phone bills hard to mobilize the internet, their support for the Gold Card to make the payment belonging to them, and this via THIS LINK.

The Algerian water – ADE

الجزائرية للمياه البطاقة الذهبية

Company of water distribution in Algeria, also facilitated the process of paying utility bills by making them electronically using the Gold Card, this via THIS LINK.

Distribution company of electricity and gas of Algeria (Sonelgaz)- Sonelgaz

سونلغاز البطاقة الذهبية

The company’s recurring electricity and gas in Algeria, which also has the support of paying your bills online through this link.

The water company, development of Algeria (car) – SEAAL

A company controlled water disinfection in Algeria, you can also use gold card in paying your bills through this link.

Gold Card evolution slow about its support in various services, are expected to support the payment of fuel bill when the plant oil use in the future, and become electronic shops and various services that work online in Algeria supportive also to facilitate the payment process and expand its means.

We will subsequently update the list constantly whenever we got news of the entry sites or services to the list of supporters for the Gold Card as a payment method.

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