Gmail will display the locations of the AMP within the message

جي مايل Gmail

جي مايل Gmail

A new horizon to provide pages to mobile metronome AMP will play through the possibility of integrating it with e-mail messages so that you can browse the site within the message itself instead of opening it in a new web page as usual.

Currently water is available to developers and through Google to make emails more interactive so that you can insert a web page is imminent and even the buttons and functions a complete within the box contained.

AMP feature for Email available open source so that any developer can modify it and use the form that suits him and his. And some sites such as Pinterest and the development of special benefits from their sites to send mail to users.

Let’s say that Pinterest sent you some pictures which you can click to find out more details about any image, but within the message itself, not in the web page, if you navigate the site. Of course this feature will set you free open large number of tabs in the browser because you’ll find all those things within the same message.

Is expected to launch the Google feature officially to all users later this year, which is currently available in Preview stage for the developers.×0:875×500/1310×873/

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