GM turning its relationship to the luxury “Cadillac” production line for electric cars

In the context of attention to the growing market of electric cars and most vehicle manufacturers lines of production, the company announced General Motors at a meeting of investors last Friday about its plan to bring its famous brand “Cadillac” to represent the sign of its electric car next, as stated during the meeting that they are already on the doors to launch its first model of its electric car within their structure of the new batteries.

He has told GM they had just finished the design of most of the main components of its brand these including the battery used which are designed to make optimal use of them in the various payment systems of the car whether it is front-wheel drive of or quad, as it stated that the battery options are subject to possible modification in accordance with the wishes of the buyer.

And noting that the company’s electric cars is currently produced under the brand Chevrolet which is a system of two electric search under the name “Bolt” which will continue to manufacture in present time until you see the sign Cadillac electric light, to say the least, the system and the other is auto-hybrid “Volt” which was stopped by the police within its development plan from the expenses and difficulties in the market and the boot toward its new approach every safety.

Come step to GM in the context of strengthening its presence in the electric vehicle market and expand its operations to implement company Tesla and its electric luxury in addition, Nissan’s controlling the largest number of sales in this market.

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