Glitch leads to stop Instagram where they for half an hour

خلل يؤدي إلى توقف إنستقرام لمدة نصف ساعة

You may have noticed some users stop the application of Instagram where they update or duty to their participation in the publication and browse photos on reality, and their thinking was riveted on a glitch in the network or app installed on their phones, but this time it wasn’t a glitch because the app saw stopped about half an hour.

The cell that encountered the Instagram where they prevent users from navigating between new images or posting other content, but they could just browse the images and the previous location within a temporary storage for the (cache) is not able to access the content updated.


The strange thing is that the service is not available on apps for smartphones, but to stop extension of the company’s website, which indicated for the error.

According to website TechCrunch, the spokesperson for the police told them to work on solving the problem after they learned it.

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