GIF image show how the moved apple into the most valuable brand in just two years

Apple topping many rankings lists, most notably a global brand Most Valuable, where it takes this classification into account several criteria ranging from market capitalization through awareness of the names to the loyalty of the brand. It is possible to watch the rise of Apple through the menu to the top.

Start a GIF image that displays competing brands on the top of the list of 2000, when the Coca-Cola Company’s rise to the throne, followed by Microsoft and IBM.

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But even though the iPhone first was released in 2007 but it did not find a place for the Apple TV in the list, and the iPad in 2010. But Apple in the end appeared in 2011, with the launch of the iPhone 4S, reaching to half way almost within that year.

By 2013, Apple TV has become at the forefront of the list.

Also interesting to see the difference changing to other companies in the list, so that they appear to Google for the first time in 2008, to second place by 2012, then got a few twists in second place in 2013.

It is also possible to track the earnings variable for companies the most traditional in the list.

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