Get to know how much the consumption of YouTube videos in different qualities of data

YouTube, months service broadcast videos, it’s easy to tempt the user long hours of videos, but some may wonder about the amount of consumption watch the video in a certain resolution for an hour on the platform, adapted it with the data plan it uses, which is what we intend to explain it here.

The Android Authority using three sources to track the consumption of data during playback of the YouTube video quality was different, the tool is built with Android, and the Google Datally, the software program GlassWire.

Video, sample test, tour of the Peruvian state, and the choice fell on him because of all the qualities that are supported by YouTube, so the accuracy of the 8K HDR at a rate of 60 FPS; they play the video every resolution available, using the Android phone to computer, Windows, but for the accuracy of 8K, the report indicates that the figures are estimates to some extent, because the screen used does not support this precision.

The amount of consumption of YouTube videos data

Video resolution The rate of frames per second. Data consumption per minute. Consumption data by the hour.
144p 30 0.5-1.5 Meg MB 30-90 Meg MB
240p 30 3-4.5 meg MB 180-250 Meg MB
360p 30 5-7.5 meg MB 300-450 Meg MB
480p 30 8-11 Meg MB From 480 to 660 Meg MB
(720p (HD 30-60 20-45 Meg MB 1.2-2.7 gigabytes
(1080p (FHD 30-60 50-68 Meg MB 2.5-4.1 gigabytes
1440p (QHD 30-60 45-135 Meg MB 2.7-8.1 gigabytes
(2160p (4k 30-60 95-385 Meg MB 5.5-23.0 gigabytes
(4320p (8k 30-60 150-375 Meg MB 9.0-22.5 gigabytes

Choose the estimate of the consumption schedule above the needs of the abduction videos of HDR support and the number of frames per second, the video support HDR and the number of 60 FPS consumes at the same resolution than the videos that don’t support HDR and a number to 30 frames per second.

Interesting that YouTube protects the data on stages instead of continuous analysis; video 144p you can download the full six stages, which affects the rate of consumption in a short time when you run the video quality is low, but when high precision driving YouTube download 4K video on the stages of very small sounds as data, what makes data consumption relatively constant, and a length of time to watch the video.

Finally, if you decide to reduce the consumption of data when you watch YouTube videos, you can set the precision manually to each video, the transition from 1080p to 720p reduces half of data consumption almost, to 480p reduces the 5/6 of consumption.

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